The Linux GPG GUI — PGP Key Setup Howto

There’s a multitude of reasons to use the GNU Privacy Guard utility (gpg for short) to protect whatever information you want to keep private.  This tutorial shows you how to set up your PGP key pair in Linux using the GUI.

Check The SMART Status Of Your Hard Drives From The Command Line

Nearly all hard drives in the last several years come with a technology called S.M.A.R.T. which gives you, to put it very simply, a way to see how healthy the drives are. You can get a surprisingly large amount of information from your hard drives about their health status–even a log of the drive’s health […]

Organize Photos By EXIF Date, or “How To Fix Your Shotwell Library With Perl”

exifsort –source ~/unsorted/media/files –dest ~/Photos When you take a picture with your digital camera or smartphone, a time stamp is embedded in the file.  Other cool types of info are also embedded, but that’s not in the scope of what I’m covering here. I wrote a tool in Perl called exifsort.  It takes a directory […]

Autostart VMware Virtual Machines at Boot in Linux

Do you run VMware Workstation on your Linux machine?  I do.  A lot.  So much in fact that I’ve found it necessary to do things with VMware workstation that it doesn’t do on its own.  Maybe in time it will change and add such features, but for now you can’t auto-start VMs on boot.  Well, […]

Compiled and Encrypted suid Perl Programs

The Use Case I recently found myself in need of a way to escalate privileges for only one user on my system (me), for the purpose of running only one script without prompting for a password.  It made sense to run the script setuid and have the code enforce the policy that I alone am […]

Script to Offline and Remove A Disk In Linux

This script will offline and remove a hard drive from your Linux machine.  That doesn’t mean it physically pulls it out of your server 😉  Instead the script spins down the disk, removes it from your server’s list of devices under /dev, and powers it off. This is really handy if your system keeps locking […]

Lacuna Expanse and Team UNSC

Lacuna Expanse is a fun, free MMORPG I got involved in a few months back.  It is written in Perl, which is how I came to know about it in the first place.  It uses XMLRPC, AJAX, JSON, all kinds of cool technologies, and it also exposes an open API to script against.  What’s even […]

Animated Gifs on Linux with ffmpeg and imagemagick

This post is somewhat inspired by the fact that Google+ now makes cool little gif animations from photo bursts of 5 pics or more when you upload.  Very nifty.  But, ugh, the images are SMALL and often choppy.  What if you want larger picture dimensions, smoother or longer animations?  For those who care about making […]

Lunch With Larry Wall

That’s him, the legendary TimToady.  Larry Wall is personally responsible for one of the greatest joys in my life: Larry created Perl. Perl has remained a core staple in my toolbox of awesomeness since 1999, when I discovered it as a younger developer/engineer just starting out my career.  Over the years, Perl has been been a […]

Red Hat, libvirt, KVM, iptables – What to do when your KVM network stops working

Symptoms Networking on the host machine is still functioning properly, but all networking stops working on your KVM virtual machines. You can’t even get dhclient to work in a VM. Even if you manually assign an IP address and default route to a VM, it still can’t ping its gateway. Rebooting the virtual machines does […]