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Monitor Processor Temperature From The Command Line

Do you ever need to/want to know how hot your processors are running? There’s a way! Sure, there are handy gui tools for things like this, but for our purposes, sometimes a quick, clean little shell code snippet gets the job done quite nicely. Take, for instance when you are running something CPU intensive, like… Read More »

Send An Email When Someone Logs In

You can send out an "alert" email when someone logs in to your server (or workstation) by taking two steps*. Now if you prefer to send the alert to your smart phone instead of your inbox, you can easily apply what wikipedia has to say regarding text-to-sms gateway addresses after you finish reading this post.

Save A Vim Session And Then Resume It

Vim sessions are magical things that preserve every setting, every tab, every fold, everything open file, and just about everything else (except command history – “undo”) You can save your vim session and environment and then open it again later, without missing a beat. This is so helpful if you are editing a file remotely… Read More »