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$ echo YWNlQHRvbW15YnV0bGVyLm1lCg== | base64 -d

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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Thomas Bruno

    If you put in:

    for vm in “${VM_list[@]}”;

    and put quotes around a few of those $vm your autostart vmware virtual machine script will function with virtual machines that have spaces in the names.

  2. greg

    On your bullshit generator (which is tremendous, by the way), you’ve left out perhaps one of the most annoying and repulsive pieces of bullshit which is….oh drat! I’ve forgotten. Let me reach out to my friend who will certainly know. I’m sure he’ll reach out to me soon, and I can reach out to you with it.

    (OK, OK…see the pattern? “Reach out” if you do!!! It drives me f****** crazy. Why not just say ‘contact’?)


  3. Richard Carlson

    may I suggest adding the term “going forward” to your Corporate B.S. Generator. The only time one ever hears the term is from corporate talking heads when they want to say “in the future” or “from here on in”, or even “tomorrow” or such.


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