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13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Michel Jansen


    I am using File::Util but sometimes, regularly, when i print the contact of the retrieved PDF file to a webclient, the pages are empty.

    my $f = File::Util->new();
    my $data = $f->load_file ( $file );
    print $cgi->header( -type => $mimetype, -attachment => $document);
    print $data;

    What am i doing wrong here. Help will be appreciated very much.

    Kind regards,

    Michel Jansen

  2. Thomas Bruno

    If you put in:

    for vm in “${VM_list[@]}”;

    and put quotes around a few of those $vm your autostart vmware virtual machine script will function with virtual machines that have spaces in the names.

  3. greg

    On your bullshit generator (which is tremendous, by the way), you’ve left out perhaps one of the most annoying and repulsive pieces of bullshit which is….oh drat! I’ve forgotten. Let me reach out to my friend who will certainly know. I’m sure he’ll reach out to me soon, and I can reach out to you with it.

    (OK, OK…see the pattern? “Reach out” if you do!!! It drives me f****** crazy. Why not just say ‘contact’?)


  4. Richard Carlson

    may I suggest adding the term “going forward” to your Corporate B.S. Generator. The only time one ever hears the term is from corporate talking heads when they want to say “in the future” or “from here on in”, or even “tomorrow” or such.

  5. Wes


    The example showing:
    # Define a subroutine to print the byte size and depth of all files in a
    # directory, designed to be used as a callback function to list_dir()
    sub filesize {
    my ( $selfdir, $subdirs, $files, $depth ) = @_;
    print( “$_ | ” . ( -s $_ ) . ” | $depth levels deep\n” for @$files;
    }# Define a subroutine to print the byte size and depth of all files in a

    …. does not compile due to the ‘print(‘ in the print statement.
    I that line should be:
    print “$_ | ” . ( -s $_ ) . ” | $depth levels deep\n” for @$files;

    Excellent POD anyway! Thanks for that!

    1. atrixnet

      I’m glad the POD was helpful. I put a lot of effort into making sure it was extremely comprehensive and readable. I fixed the typo you mentioned. A bit belated, but it wasn’t a showstopper kind of bug. I appreciate it that you pointed it out.

  6. David Palmer

    I laughed my ass off at your corporate BS generator, that was just sent to me. Awesome! As Chief Engineer for a major Air Force program, I sit through corporate meetings constantly listening to this meaningless dribble about as useful as your generator. I will be sharing this with our engineering team, they will get quite a good laugh!

  7. raid3868

    Thank for the “Autostart VMware Virtual Machines at Boot in Linux” script. I very useful for me and i m using now.
    But i cannot make the VM_wait_between to work when i set amount of second it did not work. when os boot
    all my vm start together. Please help tks

    OS = Opensuse 13.1 x64

  8. Chris Chalfant

    Mr. Butler,

    I’d like to replicate your Corporate B.S. generator in a lita chatbot gem ( I didn’t see any license or copyright on the generator so I’d like to ask your permission. Would that be ok?


  9. Valerie

    Love your BS-Generator but “intrinsically” is as “intrinsicly” which is not the correct spelling.




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