A few of the things I recommend and regard highly. Things worthy of mention and referral. Things I use that benefit me.

Free and Open Exchange of Knowledge


  • MetaCPAN — Gateway to the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, and full-featured documentation website —
  • Perlbrew (self-contained, per-user, stand-alone Perl installations with a private @INC and cpanm) —
  • cpanm (CPANminus)  — the way to install Perl modules from the CPAN easily and pain-free —
  • PerlMonks — Perl discussion forum and help website —
  • Perl IRC — ( port 6667 )
  • Perl Maven — Perl learning materials, tutorials, articles —


  • Debian — The reason Ubuntu exists (And Crunch, and Arch, and Mint, and Gnoppix, and…) —
  • CentOS — The free version of Red Hat, the latter being the the most-likely reason that Linux is so wildly successful in the Enterprise — /
  • There are others you can seek out, like Fedora, OpenSuse, Gentoo, Ubuntu.  Each has a philosophy, and most come from a common parent (the usual ones being those mentioned in the bullet points above).
  • The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide (if you’re going to run Linux, run it like a boss) —

 Aquaria (Aquariums and Fish)


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